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Lincoln Corners


Lincoln Corners are special collections of information about the United States of America that are provided to state libraries in various provinces of Malaysia to better inform the public in those provinces about American business and educational opportunities, U.S. history and culture, travel tips, and other topics to promote mutual understanding and stronger ties between the United States and Malaysia.



Why is it called a Corner?


The U.S. Embassy seeks to work in partnership with State Libraries in Malaysia, taking only a small corner of their existing facilities to provide additional information about the United States of America. This will be, in every respect, a two-way partnership. The Lincoln Resource Center will work together with each State Library to ensure that materials provided are appropriate for and responsive to the needs to the State Library audiences.



Why was Lincoln’s name used for these Corners?


Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. President to correspond with a ruler in Southeast Asia (he discussed a proposed gift of elephants offered to America by the King of Thailand) but, more importantly, the library at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is named the Lincoln Resource Center.  The Lincoln Corners carry the same name to demonstrate that there will be an ongoing, mutually-beneficial relationship between State Libraries and the Lincoln Resource Center, to help the Embassy’s vast book and information resources reach out to every province.



Where to find Lincoln Corners ?

Melaka˝ Sarawak˝ Kuala Lumpur˝ Kedah˝ Kelantan˝ Penang˝ Johor



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